This piece was commissioned by the National Youth Fanfare Orchestra (The Netherlands, Danny Oosterman Chief Conductor) on behalf of it's 50th anniversary in 2009.

The Migyur or Yeti, a giant primate creature in the Himalaya, can be related to the hypothetical Bigfoot from the U.S. Scientists still consider this Migyur as a mythe but this is not the case amongst the local population who has a holy belief in it's existence. The Migyur or Yeti is a typical subject for the so called cryptozoology. According to the documentary "Yeti, Hunt for the Wildman" there are strong indications that there's something out there that has never been described by Science. On the last days of the expedition they found a hair in a hollow tree that, according to a royal Migyur hunter, has been inhabited by a Migyur. This hair has been checked in England on the DNA of human, bears and other animals from the area, but there was no match at all.....

The compostion Migyur that can be divided into 4 parts:

1. Introduction
The exposition of the two maintheme's, the "DNA" of the composition. The discussion "Does the Migyur really exist or not?" can be heard.

2. The mighty Himalaya and her population
The local population has a holy belief in the existence of the Migyur and tries to keep him away by singing a Tibetian Mantra.

3. Migyur
Migyur gets angry and comes down from the mountains with enormous footsteps to cause an outrageous blizzard. Then he dissappears as a thief in the night....

4. Conclusion
Far away the echo of the Migyur can be heard but then everything becomes quiet and peaceful again. Bells are ringing and we can hear the greatness of the mighty Himalaya. But the piece concludes with an impetuous allegro where the Migyur lets us know that he really exists..... or not?