This piece was commissioned by the Fanfareband Wilhelmina Vlierden (The Netherlands, Jan Koolen Conductor) in 2010.

Fleodrodum describes the history of the little Dutch village "Vlierden" that was called 'Fleodrodum' in the Middle Ages. The compostion that can be divided into 4 parts:

1. Introduction anno 721
In the year 721 the name "Fleodrodum" appears for the first time in historical books. Therefore the first movement is a 'Medieval Dance'

cd 2. The Watermills
Between the 14th and 17th century there were 3 watermills in 'Vlierden'. The 2nd part describes one of these watermills, starting up slowly but in the end turning faster and faster untill it runs away....

cd 3. The Lake and the Grave
This part describes an area with al lot of small lakes and fens. Also the familygrave of 'Hendrik Wiegersma', a very important person in the village, can be found here. On the grave there is the moving text: 'listening together in love to the sound of silence'

4. Witch Dance
The last movement is called the Witch Dance. Our ancestors cd
believed there were Witches dancing on a mountain of sand in the middle of the woods nearby the village Vlierden.