This piece was commissioned by fanfare Concordia Schaijk (the Netherlands) on behalf of it's 100th anniversary in 2010. The work describes the history of this fanfareband.

On November 22th, 1910, Fanfareband Concordia was founded by chaplain Mooren, who also came up with the name 'Concordia' (one of heart). In that time the band was mostly involved with clerical feasts and processionals. Later the band played at theaterscenes and organized the first festivals.

The composition opens very brightly and cheerfull, but soon the influence of the clerical music is audible. The trombonesection introduces the 'Con-Cor-Di-A' theme (C C D A) that holds the whole work together. This is followed by a solemn choral that evolves to a procession. Suddenly the music becomes more lightly and entertaining: The first festivals and the theatremusic.

Triumphant trumpets announce the 50th anniversary. In this year the percussiongroup and 'Boeremoesband' have been founded. This 'Boeremoesband' played every year on behalf of the carnival, a Dutch feast that is very important in the community of Schaijk. The composition follows with a reprise of the Choral, the 'roots' of the fanfareband, to conclude brightfull: The 100th anniversary of this young and dynamic fanfareband is a fact.