'Aurora' was commissioned by Fanfare Aurora Heesch (The Netherlands) on behalf of it's 100th anniversary in 2006.

It's a one piece composition that can be divided into 4 parts.

1. The development of nature, environment and the village Heesch by impacts of the earth, (Peelrandbreuk) a long time ago.

2. The first habitants of Heesch: people (mostly farmers) that worked hard to make the land fertile and livable.

3. Aurora: The fanfare band Aurora was founded in 1906 in Heesch. The name of this band is the inspiration of the 3rd part where you might here some influences from Ravel.

4. The "Peelrandbreuk": an extended reprise of the Allegro from the first section. The breakline, that caused the earth shocks in the earlier days, is still active.

Musical elements, like melody and harmony, of the entire piece are based on the notes H (=B) E E S (=Eflat) C H. The "Heesch" theme is first introduced by the Euphonium solo in the first section. In the Netherlands 'Aurora' is now a contestpiece for the 1st Division Fanfare Band.