A Jubilee Overture was commissioned by Concertband St. Caecilia Lieshout on behalf of it's 125th anniversary in 2001. The first perfomance took place on the 1st of January of a festive year with the composer conducting.

The piece opens with a festive intrada, played by the brass-section, and continues with a vivid, energetic Allegro with alternating timesignatures. The middle section has a more songful character, based on the chorus of the "Lieshoutlied", a folksong that was composed 15 years earlier by Floris v.d. Putt, the former priest of the village. After a reprise of the Allegro the 'Lieshoutlied' sounds again but now with a 'grandioso' character. The piece concludes with a spectacular coda.

A Jubilee Overture is great piece as a concert opener.