Eric Swiggers Composer | Arranger | Keyboardist
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These transcriptions are published by Molenaar Edition.

CD Youth of Auckland

Ballet from The Perfect Fool - Gustav Holst

I.   Introduction - Dance of Spirits of Earth
II.  Dance of Spirits of Water
III. Dance of Spirits of Fire

Instrumentation:Concert band (Harp, Celesta)
Difficulty:F (very difficult) / Grade 6
Duration:appr. 12'00" minutes
CD:Youth of Auckland
Remarks:Contestpiece Concertband 1st division
Soundexample Part 1
Soundexample Part 2
Soundexample Part 3
Example score

Halewijn - Gerard Boedijn

Revised Edition commissioned by Kunstfactor.

Instrumentation:Concert band / Fanfare band
Difficulty:E (difficult) / Grade 4-5
Duration:appr. 8'00" minutes
Remarks:Contestpiece 2nd division
Full recording Concert Band Example score Concert band Example score Fanfare band

O Sole Mio - as performed by Andrea Bocelli

Instrumentation:Concert band / Fanfare band, Harp & Tenor
Publisher:Eric Swiggers
Example score Concert band Example score Fanfare band

Also Sprach Zarathustra - (Opening) | Richards Strauss

Instrumentation:Concert band
Remarks:As performed by ‘De Toppers’ 2011
Publisher:Eric Swiggers
Example score